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Zanders enters into innovative blockchain technology consulting

Zanders recognizes the need to keep up with emerging technologies and provide innovative solutions as well as consulting to our clients. With the potential of Blockchain technology to transform businesses, we aim to guide our clients through the complexities of this technology and help them leverage it to improve their operations.

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What can banks do to address the challenges posed by rising interest rates?

Markets have been confronted with a sharp increase in interest rates over the last months, resulting in a material change in level and steepness of the yield curve. Today’s interest rates are positive, the yield curve relatively flat and, in some currencies, even (slightly) inverse. The rise in interest rates poses a significant challenge for banks. This challenge involves managing the impact that rising rates have on the bank’s IRRBB key risk metrics as well as new EBA regulation related to supervisory outlier tests (SOTs) for IRRBB.

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Increase confidence in your organization with proactive fraud prevention measures

Financial institutions spend billions per year in their fight against fraud. With every improvement, fraudsters look for and find new opportunities to exploit. When the opportunity arises, some people see a big incentive or pressure to commit fraud, and most will be able to justify to themselves why it is acceptable to commit fraud (as shown in the Fraud triangle – Figure 1). Unfortunately, the impact of fraud on organizations, individuals and society in general is substantial.

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Are climate change risks properly captured in the prudential framework?

In March 2021, the European Banking Authority (EBA) was mandated through Article 501c of the Capital Requirements Regulation (CRR) to “assess […] whether a dedicated prudential treatment of exposures related to assets or activities associated substantially with environmental and/or social objectives would be justified”. More simply put, the EBA was asked to investigate whether the current prudential framework properly captures environmental and social risks. In response, the EBA published a Discussion Paper (DP) [1] in May 2022 to collect input from stakeholders such as academia and banking professionals.

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Regulatory timelines ESG Risk Management

With the recent avalanche of ESG-related guidance and regulations, it is easy to lose track of the corresponding timelines.

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