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Netherlands State Treasury Agency

Going the extra mile for the national treasurer

The government is looking for ways of working more efficiently, more cost-effectively and with more transparency. That also applies to the Netherlands State Treasury Agency (Agentschap van de Generale Thesaurie). Zanders has helped the agency to optimize its treasury banking processes and to improve the cash management processes. In doing so, Zanders did more than was asked.

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Coca-Cola Hellenic

launches improved SAP system

When Coca-Cola Hellenic (CCH), one of the biggest bottlers and sellers of Coca-Cola products in the world, implemented SAP in 2008, the treasury team expected great improvements in cash management and financial communication across the 28 countries in which the group operates. The reality was somewhat different, with the implemented version of SAP not interacting in harmony with CCH’s enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, called Wave 1. It was at that point that the newly appointed treasurer, Bart Jansen, decided to re-design and improve the SAP implementation – with help from Zanders.

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Zanders goes back to school

Appropriate FX management strategy considering the new risk environment

Bertold Walther: “Liam and Sebastian had a very fast understanding of our problem. Within a few sessions, we have been able to set up a hedging policy. Which was the goal of our collaboration”.

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A huge operation

The unguaranteed and care-free construction of Meander Medical Center

“If you are lucky, you will get one chance in a lifetime to finance and construct a hospital,” says René van Dijk, the financial director of Meander Medical Center. “But if you’re unlucky, that chance will come during a credit crisis, just when new legislation is in the pipeline.” Whether the financial and legislative climate is right or not, Zanders is successfully supporting the top clinical hospital in Amersfoort by arranging financing in these challenging times; and the new development is now well under way.

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Trust in a sustainable relationship at Gasunie NV

The cash must flow as smoothly as the gas

Since the start of the economic crisis, many organizations have placed client friendliness high on their agenda. Marketeers know that it requires 70% more effort to acquire a new client than to retain an existing one. Relationships are formed with good clients; and those with whom you form relationships become ambassadors. Zanders cherishes its ambassadors and, consequently, invests in relationship management, quality and personal contact. One of these ambassadors is Nederlandse Gasunie NV in Groningen.

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